Who's Who

Who's Who

Standing, from left:

Quilly is a cool dude with shades and a black denim jacket. His German shepherd, Rex, often embarrasses him by attending tea parties with the younger Illies.

Fashion-forward and image-conscious, Snilly can be a bit stuck up, but her heart is in the right place.

Queen Mary has her hands full, raising 10 young bunnies and running a kingdom. Her crown, when she wears it, is usually askew.

Baby Dilly knows a few words, one of which is "shuddup" and another of which cannot be printed on this website (Lilly insists he learned that one by accident). He also knows his numbers, although not in order.

Squilly laughs hysterically at everything--unless it upsets her, in which case she cries hysterically.

Jilly likes to eat, especially jelly straight out of the jar. He likes all sports as a spectator, and he likes to do the ones that don't require a lot of moving around, such as fishing and knot-tying.

Seated (mostly), from left:

Sweet-natured and mild-mannered, Milly loves to sing--especially opera in Italian, which she makes up herself.

Nilly is a bookworm and the brains of the outfit. She gets impatient with bunnies who are slow on the uptake, or who interrupt her when she's trying to read.

Lilly is cheerful, sometimes boisterous, and often gets into trouble. She has a rich inner life and likes to pretend she's a Ninja bunny or a spy behind the Iron Curtain.

When she isn't painting pictures, Silly is either standing on her head or laughing so hard she falls over backwards.

Frilly's passion is jumping into fountains and other bodies of water. She is one of the few Illies who likes royal balls, where she can be found in the punch bowl.