The Impossible Illies and the Very Rude Fountain

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One morning, a mysterious crate arrives in the garden of Bunningham Palace. Queen Mary's oldest friend from boarding school, Miz Magnolia Sweetbriar ("Not Ms., honey, Miz"), has sent the Illies a fountain custom-designed by a famous landscape artist. Unfortunately the fountain is ugly, and what's worse, it has a nasty disposition: it squirts, even drenches, anybunny that comes too close. Just when the bunnies decide to get rid of it quietly, they receive a letter from Magnolia announcing her plans to come to the Palace and see the fountain for herself. They all love Miz Magnolia dearly and wouldn't hurt her feelings for the world. What's the best thing to do with an ugly and vicious fountain? Put it in an ugly garden, of course! Read all about it in The Impossible Illies and the Very Rude Fountain, coming soon.

The Impossible Illies and the Jewel Thief Caper

Coming soon...

One snowy evening, an announcement comes over the radio that a notorious jewel thief, The Hare, is believed to be in the area. The next day, an oily Ambassador pays a visit to Bunningham Palace. The Illies dislike him on sight, not least because he's interrupted their game of dress-up with their mother's jewels. When he finally leaves, Nilly--a bookworm and the brains of the gang--discovers that her diamond necklace is gone.

The necklace is fake; Queen Mary does not keep real jewels in the Palace. But Nilly suspects that the Ambassador is really the Hare. The bunnies set out to prove it at the upcoming Midwinter Ball with some cleverly constructed booby traps and the help of Miz Magnolia. Is the Ambassador a real jewel thief? Does he get away with the fake jewels? Find out in The Impossible Illies and the Jewel Thief Caper, coming soon.