April 2019

Mary and Elizabeth to read "Lilly and the Missing Project" at Woodbury Library

Lilly and the Missing Project

From the Library's website: Join us on Saturday, May 18th at 11:00 for a read-aloud of "Lilly and the Missing Project," a story illustrated by Nonnewaug High School senior Mary Lasley and written by her mom, Elizabeth Norton, a freelance writer.

Lilly is a stuffed bunny that Mary got for Easter when she was a year old, and Mary and her mom have been telling and drawing bunny stories ever since. In this story, Lilly draws a timeline of bunnies throughout history for her first big school project. But the project, which Lilly has cut into the shape of a bunny, gets lost. Lilly's efforts to find it cause such a commotion that her teacher, Mrs. Bigearsley, begins to see bunny shapes in strange places.

Older children will appreciate the story's slightly satiric edge. For younger ones, black and white drawings will be handed out to color in, along with step by step instructions for how to draw a bunny--as long as they don't mind their bunny looking like Lilly. CONTACT: Woodbury Public Library 203.263.3502 REGISTER: Click here.

January 2019


"Lilly and the Missing Project" ready for reading at hospitals, libraries, and book groups

Lilly and the Missing Project

Mary and Elizabeth are excited to unveil their new story, a prequel to the main Illies stories in which Lilly's first-grade research project, "The History of Bunnies," mysteriously vanishes. Lilly's teacher, Mrs. Bigearsley, tells her she'll have to do it over. But Lilly has no intention of doing all that work all over again. A historical timeline of bunny drawings, cut into the shape of a bunny, the project represents Lilly's finest work. She begins a schoolwide search for The History of Bunnies, until poor Mrs. Bigearsley starts seeing bunny shapes everywhere.

Bunnies in the Mashed Potatoes

For a quick overview of "Lilly and the Missing Project," click here. If you'd like us to read the story to your group, please email the authors at enl[atsign]impossibleillies[dot]com.

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