Lilly and the Missing Project

Not long after Lilly started school, she began

her first research project: "The History of Bunnies."

Lilly Hops Off the Bus

She drew pictures of bunnies all throughout history...

Bunny Knight and Lady

...and cut the pages into the shape of a bunny.

Bunny-shaped Report

But somehow the project got lost,

and her teacher, Mrs. Bigearsley, told her she would have to re-do it.

Lilly Tells Off Mrs. Bigearsley

Lilly had no intention of doing all that work all over again.

She set out to find "The History of Bunnies," making announcements...

Lilly Grabs the Microphone

...and putting up posters...

Poster on the Bathroom Stall

...telling the whole school to be on the lookout for a bunny-shaped project.

Finally the search took a toll on Mrs. Bigearsley, who began seeing bunny shapes everywhere.

Cafeteria Lady Serves Bunny-shaped Mashed Potatoes

What has happened to Lilly's project--and will poor Mrs. Bigearsley ever get over it?

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